February 26 at 19:00 Concert in Moscow!

Radhe! Radhe! Dear friends!

We invite you on February 26th at 19:00 at the concert Beatty Mallika.   Beattie will sing Vedic mantras and bhajans.  

Vedic mantras - spirituals, thin and pure vibration, bearing light and purity to the world. Plunging into the sound of music and spoken word mantra, our heart opens toward the beautiful, dissolved in a stream of happiness and joy. Special power of chanting the mantra is on the lips of the pure-hearted people, whose mission is to serve the world through sound, filling the good and compassionate hearts. For many years, Beatty Mallik, a descendant of the great Indian musical family, arrives in Russia, inspiring listeners with his superb singing, purity of heart and a deep voice. Around them Beattie creates an atmosphere of joy that can be experienced live. We will be glad to meet you!

07.02.2015 18:01